The Prompts

The prompts are listed in a variety of categories below. 

New 2011 Christmas Prompts

Christmas Stories

The Christmas Carols

Pere Noel

Eskimo Kisses

The Feast

Holiday Challenge

    The different Christmas story prompts are listed above. The story doesn't have to be Christmas theme, if something else comes up for you.

    If you think you might be interested in writing a story for this, please
    e-mail me and I will post your name next to the story idea. With the authors permission I will link the prompt for their story to their site or post here.

    Here are the rules:
    1. All stories are to be a M/M or F/F Discipline Fiction. Fan Fiction and Original Characters welcome.
    2. Stories can be any length – half a page, ten pages, fifty pages….
    3. Stories will be due by December 20, 2011 (but hopefully will be done before that).
    4. Authors may have anywhere between one and five prompts, stories or carols each, and don't have to be taken in any particular order.
    5. It is okay if more than one author signs up for the same prompt, carol or story as long as we get more DP Stories.
    Here's what you do:
    1. Read through the list.
    2. This year there are two new exciting options, in addition to the prompts (plot bunnies). I have a added a list of famous Christmas Stories. You can choose one of these stories and rewrite it using a DP couple. The other new option this year is to music option. You can choose a Christmas carol and use the lyrics as a basis for your story.
    3. Did anything jump out at you? Did you get any visions for a story? How would you write a story using one of the prompts as a key element?
    4. If the answer to the above is yes and you have visions of holiday stories dancing in your head...and you want to write one or more of them as a drabble, vignette, or novel. (LOL) Than let me know which prompt(s) you wanted.
    5. I will then put your name by the prompt, so that it is yours.
    6. You will then write your piece(s) and either post it (them) at your site, or I will post it on the blog by December 20th. Either way there will be a link from your prompt to your story.
    7. Hopefully we will all have lots of holiday reading over our holiday breaks.

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